Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Challa


A dedicated, resourceful and goal oriented educator with more than three decades of experience in CBSE, IB, IGCSE and ISC curricula. An able administrator and motivator, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi has served in many senior and responsible capacities in renowned international institutions all over the country. With a defence background, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi is thorough in handling issues pertaining to training and discipline. A seasoned advisor and trainer of Harvard Modern United Nations (HMUN) and Trinity Examinations, she has a penchant for grooming students for competitive examinations and soft skills. A belief that school is the second home of students, the onus of awakening the latent talents of young children, ready to bloom and blossom, lies entirely on the school and Vidyanjali Grammar School gives the supportive environment. VGS also lays emphasis on inculcating strong values with a conducive atmosphere to facilitate learning and total development of personality.

Mrs. Indira Gorthy

(Vice President)

A keen and ever enthusiastic educationist, Mrs. Indira Gorthy is of the strong opinion that a school should prepare its students to face the challenges of life head-on and convert the challenges into opportunities. Accordingly, students need to be moulded and prepared to enter the world as civilized and progressive citizens by identifying and developing their talents to the optimum.

Mrs. E. Sunitha Paul


An avid and zealous educator, Mrs. E. Sunitha Paul has over 17 years of experience in Education field. Her belief of being positive, humble and her enthusiasm to do something different will push everyone at VGS to go that extra mile and fulfill commitments. Her focus has always been towards the teachers to become facilitators in child’s development and to have a positive impact in their lives. She believes in implementing creative, innovative, blended learning techniques & applications to empower teaching style towards improvement of learning abilities.

Mr. G.S.N Murthy


Mr. Murthy strongly believes that the two driving forces towards meaningful and holistic development of students are VALUES and VISION. Vidyanjali Grammar School has taken up this herculean task and with his passion for education, it has been an inspiration to work towards this goal with dedication and positive approach. With nearly three decades of experience in the advertising and printing industry , Mr. Murthy has gone all out to fulfil his dream of future India with the ignited minds of the students we are moulding.

Mr. Sundara Babu (C.A)

A renowned Chartered Accountant and a Senior Banker, Mr. Sundara Babu is positive that the role of education is not only to pursue academic excellence, but to motivate students also to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers in an ever changing global society.

Mrs. G. Lakshmi

Mrs. G. Lakshmi is an educator par excellence with experience and a will to train and groom students so as to unravel their inherent talents and creativity. An active member of the society who gives valuable inputs for the best and holistic development of the students.

Mr. Sriramchandra Murthy (Treasurer)

Mr. G. Sriramchandra Murthy strongly believes academic excellence coupled with co-curricular activities completes the process of education and develops the all-round personality of the students.