Our Infrastructure


1/2 an acre of playground that gives ample space for children to play. There is an exclusive play area for kindergarten students.

Science Labs

Well-equipped science labs that give the students all the apparatus to experiment and learn important scientific lessons across a variety of science disciplines.


The library is a treasure trove of knowledge, specifically housing a collection of books that benefits students to expand their knowledge in different areas of studies. Informative magazines and resource books are made available to help keep students well informed on current matters.

Counselling & Workshops

Most of our student interactions are designed to be with the active involvement of their parents, who have a great role in their learning process. Our efforts at constructive practices, be it counselling sessions or workshops, are aimed at understanding the students better and motivating them to develop their best skills and aptitude.

Apparatus for Active Learning

Apparatus for enabling students to do and learn what is included in their curriculum. These facilities expand their threshold of knowledge prompting them to think and act in innovative ways when they are best inspired. Thus we substantiate our concept of experiential learning.

Computer Labs

A well-equipped computer lab for our students that gives them opportunity to get hands on training in software they need to get trained in.

Opportunity for Competition

To explore their competency through participation in olympiads and talent exams conducted from time to time. These are great boosters for their intellect and spirit of performance which will add up to their capabilities in the long run.


Transport facility to ensure safe pick up and drop with security.